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Charges filed against man in 35 year-old murder case in southern PA

PAStatePolicsGettysburgMurderviaShaneDunlap.TheEveningSunviaAPThe family of Helen Popa is sharing the following article (which appeared in The Huntingdon Daily News on 8.19.15) in hope of gathering further leads to resolve the murder of their beloved Mother/Grandmother which occured on New Year’s Eve in 1979 in Mt. Union, PA

GETTYSBURG (AP) — A man has been charged in a 35-year-old murder case in southern Pennsylvania, accused of killing a mother and her teenage daughter during an early morning burglary at their home, authorities said Tuesday.

Abraham Cruz Jr., 54, was charged with two counts of criminal homicide, conspiracy, arson and burglary in the 1980 slayings of 17-year-old Deborah Patterson and her mother Nancy Patterson, Adams County prosecutors and state police said.

Prosecutors said the arrest of two others in the case in recent years helped lead them to Cruz, who also was sentenced Tuesday in a separate federal case of threatening employees at a Social Security Office in 2011 and a federal Homeland Security agent.  Continue reading article HERE